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Bathroom hardware accessories automatic polishing machine

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Bathroom hardware accessories automatic polishing machine
Latest company news about Bathroom hardware accessories automatic polishing machine

Bathroom hardware accessories automatic polishing machine
Bathroom hardware accessories are literally defined: refers to the metal products installed in the bathroom, hanging and placing towels and bath towels (bathroom products such as soap, bath liquid, hand soap, shampoo, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash cup, etc.).
The prices of bathroom hardware pendants, styles and functions vary widely. Bathroom accessories are consumables because they are frequently used and products are updated quickly. In addition, they look like exquisite works of art, which are easy to attract consumption. For the future development of the bathroom hardware industry, entrepreneurs have locked in the three key words of optimism, e-commerce and energy saving and environmental protection.
Bathroom hardware accessories market space is large. There are many sets of bathroom accessories, but most of them include mirrors, toothbrush cups, tooth cup holders, soap bars, towel bars, bath towel racks, coat hooks, paper tube holders, coat hooks and toilet brush boxes. It is understood that in terms of materials, the bathroom hardware on the market is mainly made of titanium alloy, pure copper chrome plating, and stainless steel chrome plating. Titanium alloy hardware is the most exquisite and durable, but the price is the most expensive, with a price of hundreds or even thousands of yuan; pure copper chrome-plated products can effectively prevent oxidation and have guaranteed quality. ; The price of stainless steel chrome plating is the lowest, mostly within one hundred yuan, but the service life is also the shortest. In terms of color, most of these new generation bathroom hardware products get rid of the original hard and cold stainless steel color, and silver white and brass color occupy the mainstream of the market.
Bathroom hardware in modern homes usually includes soap nets, soap dishes, mouthwash cup holders, towel rings, towel racks, bath towel racks, paper towel racks, clothes hooks, racks, etc. These small accessories are changeable in shape, rich in material and differentiated. The configuration meets the different needs of consumers.
The following summarizes the elements of bathroom hardware: Material: all copper, stainless steel, aluminum and copper-zinc alloy, etc. All copper (very expensive) and aluminum (easy to oxidize) are not recommended to buy, stainless steel 304 has high durability and price, and the alloy is beautiful and generous. Pipe fittings: hollow pipes and solid pipes, after all, these are light items used to hang bath towels, towels, toilet paper, put, wash, cosmetics, and hollow pipes are enough. How to judge the quality of the coating:
A look: Generally speaking, the brighter and more delicate the surface, the more obvious the mirror effect, and the better the coating process is;
Second listen: listen to the introduction of several brands of shopping guides, mainly the introduction of the coating, good bathroom hardware not only experienced early grinding, polishing, dust removal, but also as many as six or seven layers of nickel and chrome plating Process, the more the coating, the better the quality;
Three grips: You can use the grip method to see the quality of the material. Some merchants will use cast iron material to pretend to be all copper or copper-zinc alloy hardware. After holding the hardware for two or three seconds, release it, and the fog and traces will disappear quickly. It is judged to be copper. If the fog and traces persist for a long time, the material is likely to be non-copper.
According to the polishing function, the automatic polishing machine is divided into two types: automatic rough polishing machine and automatic fine polishing machine. They are the first process of polishing and the second process of polishing. The following will give examples.
The automatic polishing machine handles the physical characteristics of the object. According to the data, it can be simply divided into: plane automatic polishing machine, spherical automatic polishing machine, curved surface automatic polishing machine, steel belt automatic polishing machine, profiling automatic polishing machine, rotating body automatic polishing machine, Plastic automatic polishing machines, acrylic automatic polishing machines, etc. have the difference between general-purpose models and special-purpose models.
It is difficult to distinguish between general-purpose models and special-purpose models. Each has a certain generality and speciality. Such as plane automatic polishing machine. During production, if it is not customized according to specific objects. Then only flat objects can be polished. We all know that objects vary in size. When leaving the factory, the work surface of the automatic polishing machine has been fixed. To handle a variety of objects will be affected now. Therefore, engineers must consider the versatility of automatic polishing machines when designing. Generally, it is designed according to the largest object size. Or designed as a multifunctional automatic polishing machine.
Automatic fine polishing machine
The automatic polishing machine is a kind of automatic fine polishing machine, which is developed for the automation of metal polishing. Adopt high-performance PLC and human-machine interface to save labor cost and improve efficiency. Comply with CE standards and environmental protection requirements.
The characteristics of this type of polishing machine are:
1. It adopts two sets of operation procedures, which can precisely polish one, two or four different workpieces at the same time, and the equipment program can be automatically switched.
2. The angle precision polishing program is adopted. Through programming, the precision polishing angle is set, and the precision polishing force is strengthened for the complex parts of the workpiece.
3. The turntable four-station operation platform is adopted, which can precisely polish more than 4 workpieces at the same time. The fixture is simple, the cost is low, and the replacement is convenient. It is more suitable for the production mode of multi-system and multi-variety.
4. The embedded precision polishing method is adopted, which can perform all-round precision polishing on the workpiece.
5. After rough polishing 300 sand, it can be directly polished, reducing the rough polishing process and cost.
6. The equipment is suitable for precision polishing of various metal materials (copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc.).
7. The equipment is suitable for fine polishing of various shapes of workpieces (various faucet shells, handles, handwheels, round pipes, various decorative parts).
8. The equipment operation is relatively simple and requires low operator skills, which can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save production costs.
Automatic rough polishing machine
Polishing machine is a kind of automatic rough polishing machine, also known as CNC CNC polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, sharpening machine, CNC sharpening sharpening machine, CNC polishing machine. Because the machine has two grinding heads, it is also called double grinding head polishing machine. There are also some rough polishing machines that use abrasive belts for polishing.
According to the working principle of the knife sharpener, a new generation product with PLC automatic control system is developed. printing house.
The grinding head adopts stepper motor and PLC programming control system; it can automatically adjust the number of rough grinding and fine grinding, and the grinding precision is high; the grinding wheel can be automatically fed, memorized, stored, and dynamically tracked. Greatly improved work efficiency.

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